Meet The Artist

@EyeDoll Rotterdam

My name is Lynet and I am fascinated by eyebrows.

I remember when I was younger styling eyebrows of friends and family and never really thought this was a career option. I trained as a nurse and after years of working in the medical field, I decided to follow my dream of eyebrow designing under the name EyeDoll.


"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Having followed various courses, I master the techniques of Phibrow styling: micro-blading (Hairstrokes) and micro-shading(Powder brow).  Why Choose Phi? This is because Phi has the best academy in the world that sets the standard for every microblading procedure as a high-quality medical-grade procedure. The Phi-artists use tools and pigments of the highest quality ensuring long-lasting results.

Centered in Rotterdam, EyeDoll offers professional and unparalleled service in semi-permanent makeup. If you are searching for an artist to create the most lifelike, realistic-looking brows that are designed only for you, then EyeDoll is your first choice.

Semi-permanent make-up parlour specialising in custom eyebrow designing