Scalp & Brow Vitamin

What is it?
Scalp and Brow Vitamin is a treatment that stimulates hair to regrow and stop hair loss. We use microneedles to inject the skin on the scalp or eyebrows with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to stimulate stem cells and induce the activation of growth factors. The growth factors stimulate follicles to produce hair.

Is it for me?
Alot of factors influence hair loss. As we grow older, our eyebrows tend to be less full and our scalp hairs begin to thin out. Also other factors such as overplucking eyebrows, pulling the hair too tight, lack of vitamins, genetics, hormones, stress and protein deficient diet can influence hair loss.  If you have spots where no hair grows anymore, be it your eyebrows, scalp or beard,  then this is the treatment for you.
Scalp micro-needling is used to treat androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata and any other non scarring form of alopecia for men and women. If you apply this treatment in time, it could even prevent the need for a major hair transplant in the future.
Please note: it is important that hair follicles are naturally present. In places where there are no hair follicles, no new hair can grow.

Is the procedure painful?
The treatment is mild to painless

What will my eyebrows look like after the treatment?
The eyebrows may form light crusts and look red for the first 3 to 5 days. The skin will feel tight and it begins to heal.


After the treatment.
Brow aftercare: Avoid touching your eyebrows. Do not wash your eyebrows for 24 hours.
Lubricate the skin well with an SPF after 48 hours.  It is also important that you do not use eyebrow makeup for the next 5 days. Avoid solarium and sauna after treatment. Do not wax the eyebrows for 1 month.
Scalp aftercare: Avoid touching your scalp. Do not wash the scalp for 48 hours. Ideally wear a hat if you go out in the sun and use SPF. Hair loss is expected after the first few treatments, but this is normal, and soon new hairs will emerge.  

What does the treatment look like?
During the exclusive Vitamin Brows treatment, vitamins are injected into the eyebrows by means of small needles. This stimulates the growth of new hairs in places where they have fallen out. Please note: it is important that hair follicles are naturally present. In places where there are no hair follicles, no new hair can grow.

How many treatments do I need?
We recommend at least 3 sessions with 10 to 14 days in between. Expected hair growth results are:

3 sessions about 30% more hair growth
5 sessions about 50% more hair growth
9 sessions 80-90% more hair growth

The more the sessions, the better the results.

Who can not have this treatment?
Hair restoration treatment is not possible if you have any of the following:


  • cardiovascular disease

  • long-term use of blood thinners

  • diabetes

  • pregnancy

  • hepatitis

Henna Brow Treatments

Brow vitamin

1 session

3 sessions

Scalp vitamin

1 session

3 sessions

6 sessions


40 min

40 min


1 hr

1 hr

1 hr