What is in my (brow) ink?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered what is in your tattoo or Microblading pigment? I have to say that when I first had Microblading done on my brows several years ago, I did not ask myself or my brow artist this very important question. Like most people, I was more worried about my brows would look and didn’t pay attention to the pigments used.

Health care experts are increasingly concerned that skin pigments may contain hazardous substances, known or suspected to have adverse health effects including causing cancer, allergies or mutations. As a result, The European Commission asked the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to investigate, and evaluate whether EU consumers’ health was actually at risk from tattoo inks and advise on whether EU legislation was necessary. The ECHA discovered that many tattoo and permanent make-up products available in the EU contained dangerous substances or had been contaminated by microbes and released a formal proposal in 2019 clearly stating that some tattoo inks needed to be reformulated to protect the consumers health.

When permanent makeup pigments were first manufactured, they contained Iron Oxide colours (red, yellow, blue, black) and Titanium Dioxide which was used to lighten and help retain the pigments in the skin. This enabled Permanent Makeup Artists to blend and create custom brow colours to suit different clients. However, problems were encountered with pigments that contained heavy metals or magnetised pigments. When this pigments were used, clients had adverse reactions to MRI’s tests because they rely on magnetic resonance to perform the necessary test. The other problem with these pigments was that the colours were not stable and faded except for the red colour. The red colour remained under the skin resulting in clients having pinkish-red brows.

Then comes in The Age of Organic pigments. From the name, you could easily confuse them with Natural pigments (Plant based) but they are not the same. Organic pigments are manufactured in a lab and just because they have a carbon chain, they are classified as Organic. The issue with organic pigments is that organic red is very unstable and fades very quickly therefore the manufacturing companies continued to add Titanium Dioxide to their pigment mix. The result is the brows healing and leaving a grey/blue colour.

Is all this information making your head spin? Mine too! In conclusion, we should look out for and use the best pigment mixture; one without heavy metals or magnetic compounds but containing a stable red pigment. More importantly, they should comply with The Netherlands National Legislation on tattoo inks. Here comes PHI pigments. It took long hours of research to finally find good quality pigments that qualify.

PHIbrows Microblading pigments are Certified Heavy Metal Free, Vegan, and Certified Cruelty Free. They do not contain heavy metals like Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, Mercury, Cobalt, or Tartrazine. They are mineral based and assimilate with the body’s natural molecular composition. I choose to use PHI brow pigments when microblading eyebrows because they are all this things and more. They have gone through extensive research, are of the highest quality and are proven to be safe. The creator, Branco Babic has had his formula optimised 5 times and has independent third-party regulations, while following the strict guidelines from the European Union. Because of all this reasons, they are also the most expensive pigments in the market today. However, for my clients and the end brow results, they are totally worth it!

Remember, as a consumer you have every right to know what products, tools, and ingredients the brow artist will be using beforehand for you to be able to make an informed choice. If you have ever thought about having Microblading, have concerns, or wonder what it will look like? EyeDoll offers FREE Consultations where you can see how new brows can transform your beautiful face plus we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and safe decision. When done correctly and safely, Microblading can change your everyday life for the better.

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