Just like a new hairstyle, a set of well-defined brows can trim away the years and help you to look younger than you actually are. A stunning set of thick, bushy brows are a sign of youth. Our Brow Potion is a brow treatment oil that moisturizes, hydrates, and stimulates the eyebrow hairs to grow. Apply a drop of Brow Potion onto your fingers and gently massage it onto your brows. Add some magic and transform to fuller, thicker eyebrows. It is highly recommended to use Brow Potion after a lamination treatment to prevent hair breakage.

  • Vegan

  • Natural

  • Cruelty-free

  • Suitable for ALL skin and hair types

Brow Potion

SKU: BP2001
  • This 100% pure dark castor oil is the perfect moisturising treatment for your brows. Apply a small amount of castor oil onto your fingers and massage it onto your brows every night before going to bed. Avoid the eye area as it might cause irritation. If this happens, rinse it out immediately with cold water. In case of skin irritation, stop using immediately.